Activate Studios @ Blackfire Innovation

Located in Las Vegas, our partnered studio features state-of-the-art equipment and production facilities, plus traditional seminar/meeting and showcase space

The Blackfire Innovation Center

Residing in the Downtown Summerlin area of Las Vegas, Nevada, the Blackfire Innovation Center is home to the Activate Entertainment Studios in an ongoing creative partnership designed to bring professional creative services to the Vegas production market.


Since its inception, Blackfire Innovation has hosted dozens of livestreams, video productions, conventions, seminars, conferences and other activations.


Located one minute from major freeways and walking distance from business-class hotels, Blackfire is uniquely positioned  as a turnkey events destination within the Las Vegas region.


Livestream / Video Creation Facilities


Our livestream and video rooms are equipped with enterprise-level fiber internet connection and produce dozens of onsite and remote activations annually.

Post Production Editing / Design Bays


Separate from our live content rooms are private bays utilized for editing, graphic design and any other post-production needs clients may have.

Studio Set / Presentation Stage


Our studio arena has built-in seating, floor power outlets, and LED videos walls with cloud-controlled content management

The Video Wall


Ideal for presentations or secondary filming next to the arena, it also has cloud-controlled content capabilities.

Kitchen and Reception Area


A private space away from the production zones for food and social interaction needs.

Executive Meeting Room


Can be utilized for presentations, remote Cloud calls, or activation meetings for both live and upcoming events.